The G FUEL Contest – We Are Closer Than Ever To Winning

We wanted to update you about the G FUEL Madness Contest and how we are performing. Just to recap, it started with 64 G FUEL partners, with us included. We won Round 1 and advanced to Round 2 where 32 partners remained in the competition. With your help, we managed to win and advance to Round 3 where 16 participants now remain. And now, we succeeded to make it to the Quarter Finals with 8 participants left.

We are aiming for the #1 spot because if we do win, G FUEL will create for us our very own Shaker Cup! Also, the winner of this contest will receive $3500 and we already mentioned that we will invest this money into the upcoming tournaments so that teams and players from our community can win them.

In the remaining list of participants, we are the only ones that represent the mobile gaming community and we hope that you can help us win this to achieve 3 goals: Empower the mobile gaming community’s voice, win $3500 to invest into upcoming tournaments, and to get our own MOBILE E-SPORTS Shaker Cup.

In order for us to make it there, we need as many people as possible to use our Code ‘EsportsMobile‘ when buying products from Our code will give you a 30% discount when you use it as well, so it is a win-win situation.

Furthermore, the winners of this contest are selected based on their codes usage. So you can buy a G FUEL 3-Pack for $4.99 while using our code to get a discount and this will help us rise on the leaderboard and advance to the next round. This is our chance to put the mobile esports industry on the map. Let your friends, who are passionate mobile gamers, know so we can all work together as a family on this. We appreciate all the help you can provide. Thank you.