WarFriends: The Tournament – Stream Announcement

We are very excited to announce our first stream for the game WarFriends which will take place on Friday, December 1st, at 10 PM Pacific Time. The stream will discuss information regarding The WarFriends Tournament and we also have some surprises for you that we rather have you see for yourselves. We do recommend that you grab your popcorn because it will be a very interesting stream. Continue reading

WarFriends: The Tournament – Register Now

MOBILE E-SPORTS® is proud to announce its entry into WarFriends, a PvP cover-based shooter brought to you in association with About Fun, the talented team behind the title. The WarFriends Tournament is the first ever tournament for this game and we are excited to see what competitive players from the Mobile eSports Community can bring to the table. The world of WarFriends is an exciting one that provides unique and memorable characters, each with their own speciality. Continue reading

Mobile Battle Royale – Community Event #4

Surely you heard of the recent Mobile Battle Royale Titles that are taking the App Store & Google Play by storm. Battle Royale as a genre has been popularized on PC by games like H1Z1, PUBG, Fortnite and even streamers such as Dr DisRespect. The genre is growing on the mobile platform and we plan to explore some of the games with you. For those of you new to the Battle Royale scene, it focuses on placing countless players in an environment where they fight until one last man remains standing. Continue reading

Critical Ops: The G FUEL Tournament – Teams Selected

We are proud to inform you that one of the most exciting Critical Ops tournaments will soon begin. Since we announced The G FUEL Tournament, we received countless applications from teams wanting to take part in G FUEL’s official mobile tournament. We have selected 8 teams, old and new, in order to bring to you top quality gameplay and mysterious new competitors. If your team was not selected, then please understand that we could only select 8 and we promise more tournaments will take place in the future! Continue reading

G FUEL Black Friday Sale – Buy One Get One Free

Here comes Black Friday! This time, Gamma Labs has brought back one of their best sales yet, The BOGO Sale. From November 20th until November 26th, you will be able to buy a G FUEL Tub and get another one for free. Head over to gfuel.com and see which flavors you would like get with this deal. On a side not, if you haven’t tasted their new flavor Strawberry Shortcake mixed with milk, then we highly recommend it! Continue reading

The G FUEL Tournament Series: Critical Ops, Clash Royale, & Vainglory – Register Now

In partnership with Gamma Labs, we are introducing The G FUEL Tournament Series. Throughout the series, we will host a tournament for Critical Ops, Clash Royale, and Vainglory. These are some of the most requested games and we wanted to bring them all to you in this series. You can register for any game that you want to participate in, or even for all the games if you wish to participate in all 3 tournaments. Continue reading

G FUEL Sale – Get 40% Off Your Purchase (From October 25th – 31st)!

In partnership with Gamma Labs, starting October 25th Until October 31st you will be able to get the best deal possible for any G FUEL Product! Using our code ”EsportsMobile” will get you 40% off your entire purchase! This is only possible from October 25th until October 31st so grab it while you can. Make sure to visit G FUEL’s website at https://gfuel.com/discount/esportsmobile in order to purchase from there.

Continue reading