Critical Ops: The Team Deathmatch Tournament – Registration Now Open

For so long, teams have been defusing the bomb in Critical Ops. We came together and asked ourselves, if we are to host a Team Deathmatch Tournament, which team can perform better in eliminating the other? This is what this tournament will reveal to us. Today we have opened registration and we will be selecting 32 teams to participate in this competitive event. Continue reading

Dice Duel: The First Tournament – Registration Now Open

Today, we are opening registration to a new tournament for a different type of game. This game is called Dice Duel, a Yahtzy inspired experience that is played by millions of gamers. We will select 16 players only and enter them into a single-elimination bracket. The chosen players will then play against their assigned opponent and attempt to make their way to the top. Continue reading

Critical Ops: The Sniper Tournament – Teams Announced

You asked for it and we delivered, a Sniper Tournament that will decide the true talented team among the selected. Hundreds of teams have applied but we could only choose 8. We have selected the teams and added them into a new Bracket. This tournament will be streamed in its entirety on Saturday, May 13th. The time on which it will be streamed will be confirmed at a later time and the teams will be informed via email. Continue reading

Critical Ops: The Sniper Tournament – Registration Now Open

In the world of Mobile FPS, Sniping is a talent. Anyone can spray and pray but not everyone can snipe. Therefore, we are introducing today The Sniper Tournament where 8 competitive teams will face each other for fame, cash, and glory. Do you consider yourself to be a top sniping team? Then this is your chance to prove that you are the best snipers in the community.
Continue reading