Our Story With G FUEL

When we launched our MOBILE E-SPORTS® initiative in 2015, we did it out of passion for mobile gaming and the competitive community. We were gamers ourselves, attracted to mobile games since their dawn on the platform. After we organised and launched our first mobile esports tournament, it was the biggest then; with several brands, sponsors and developers supporting it. At the time, 64 teams joined our first tournament and by the end of the tournament, it was a clear success. Continue reading

Forward Assault: Art of Warfare Tournament – Register Now

The Forward Assault competitive scene has been growing and since the conclusion of the Battles of Glory Tournament, we have been preparing for a new tournament. Today, we are proudly announcing in partnership with Blayze Games the Art of Warfare Tournament. This competition will consist of 1 month of a leaderboard-styled tournament and a two weeks bracket championship. Once the deadline for the leaderboard competition ends, top teams will be selected to compete in the bracket championship.

Continue reading

Forward Assault: Battles of Glory – The Championship Ends

The Championship Finals have concluded and the whole Forward Assault tournament series was quite epic. In Season 1, D2R Mystic became the winner, towering over all the other competitive teams. In Season 2, D2R Mystic fought viciously and successfully ranked on top of the leaderboard once again. However, in Season 3, Euphoria managed to steal the spotlight from D2R Mystic after losing a large amount of points to USSR. Finally, the Championship concluded with a big surprise to the Forward Assault Community. Continue reading