G FUEL Tetris Blast – A World Tetris Day Special

In celebration of 37 years of Tetris and as a special surprise for World Tetris Day, G FUEL has partnered with The Tetris Company, Inc. to introduce to you the G FUEL Tetris Blast! You didn’t see this one coming, did you? We all remember this classic game as far the 90s and if you are old enough then you probably remember it from the 80s as well. It is only deserving for the pioneer of gaming to get its own energy drink. Continue reading

G FUEL: Sparkling Hydration – Inspired By Star Wars

You couldn’t have missed it. Some, if not most, would consider it the news of the century! To be alive in a time when G FUEL Energy partners with Disney & Lucasfilm to introduce a Star Wars: The Bad Batch-inspired product is beyond legendary. Welcome a new G FUEL product line called the Sparkling Hydration that’s themed after the Disney animated series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Continue reading

G FUEL May Sale – Get 30% Off Your Purchase!

The month of May is a special one, not only did we announce a huge tournament but we also have our monthly G FUEL Sale back on! This means that our Discount Code has now been bumped to 30% off and you can get your G FUEL at 30% cheaper! While there are numerous flavors to choose from, we can make your choice easier by providing our feedback on different flavors below. From May 6th until May 10th and from May 13th until May 17th, using the code ”EsportsMobile” will get you 30% off your entire purchase at gfuel.com! Continue reading

Critical Ops: The Phoenix Tournament – Register Now

Today’s tournament announcement is special because it follows in the footsteps of our second ever Critical Ops tournament that was launched in 2016 and was called The Phoenix Tournament. Therefore, to celebrate those classic days of mobile esports and to bring back these glorious memories, we are proud to announce The Phoenix Tournament in partnership with Critical Force. We welcome you all to be part of this history & to apply for it. With so much competition, which team will achieve victory? Only time will tell. Continue reading

Critical Ops: The G FUEL Tournament – Register Now

In partnership with G FUEL Energy & with the support of Critical Force & Gizer, we are proud to announce Critical Ops: The G FUEL Tournament. Today’s special announcement is the start of many more tournaments. We already have a global tournament scheduled to be announced in May so stay tuned for it. Continue reading this article to learn all about today’s tournament.
Continue reading

G FUEL Chili Dogs – Inspired By Sanic

Today is April 1st but by no means is today’s announcement an April Fool’s joke. Yes, we know you will doubt it at first, so did we! However, we assure you, this is not a drill. In partnership with SEGA® of America, Inc., G FUEL has announced the new Chili Dogs flavor inspired by Sanic, the meme. We know what you are thinking so let us answer you straight on. Yes, the flavor does taste like chili dogs, this is not just a name. Continue reading