Critical Ops: The G FUEL Tournament – The Finals Roadmap

Now that Round 1 & the Semi-finals of the Critical Ops G FUEL Tournament have concluded, two talented teams are destined to face each other in the Finals. The Finals will be based on Best of 5 format and we will have it live-streamed on January 13th at 10 AM Pacific Time. With the last two teams being GankStars and Nova Esports, it is impossible to predict how this tournament will end. There is only one way to find out which team is the best of them all and that’s what this tournament has been designed to achieve. Continue reading

WarFriends: The Tournament – The Champion Announced

Since we announced the first ever WarFriends Tournament in November, we were all curious as to which player would be able to get the championship crown. With countless applicants, 16 of the best players in the WarFriends Community were selected. As we completed Round 1, Round 2, Semi-finals, and reached to the Finals, it came down to 2 of the best players that we have seen. Continue reading

G FUEL Sale – Get 40% Off Your Purchase (From December 27th – January 3rd)!

Since its the holiday season, we wanted to bring back the 40% sale price on G FUEL Products. In partnership with Gamma Labs, starting December 27th Until January 3rd you will be able to get 40% off any G FUEL purchase you like! Using the code ”EsportsMobile40” will get you 40% off your entire purchase at! This is only possible during the period mentioned so take advantage while you still can. Continue reading