Critical Ops: Anti Assault Tournament – Teams Announced

Are you prepared for some unconventional action? Well, if your team was selected, you better be! We have chosen 32 teams to participate in the Anti-Assault Tournament. If your team was not selected, please understand that thousands of teams apply for our tournaments and it would be impossible to select more than the amount required. With that said, let us go through the tournament details before we announce the teams. Continue reading

Critical Ops: Anti Assault Tournament – Register Now

Each time we introduce a tournament we do our best to make it unique and interesting. Therefore, for the month of August, we are bringing to you the Anti-Assault Tournament! While this competition requires all teams to follow our Rules & Regulations, it also requires all participants to avoid using any Assault Rifles. This category is one of the most used in Critical Ops and we want to see which team can win without using it. Continue reading

Critical Ops: The Summer Cup – Round 4 Roadmap

Round 3 was one of the best streams in a long time. The matches played literally left viewers on the edge of their seats. That is exactly the kind of impact we want Critical Ops matches to have on the audience. Now we enter Round 4 with four matches scheduled to be streamed for this weekend. The winners will secure a place in the Semi-Finals and we believe it will be a great event to behold.

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Critical Ops: The Summer Cup – Round 3 Schedule

Round 3 has been the centre of discussion by the Critical Ops Community. There are powerful teams facing each other on Saturday at 10 AM Pacific Time and so much for either side to win or lose. As you well know, we selected 4 matches that will be worth your time this weekend and all you need to watch them is your popcorn. Can we expect close matches, unexpected comebacks, or even epic moments? We will find out soon.

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