Forward Assault: Battles of Glory – The Championship Semi Finals

Now that the Championship of the Forward Assault Tournament has come closer to the end, 4 teams managed to make it to the Semi-Finals. Out of the 12 teams selected to participate in the Championship, Teams D2R Mystic, ScionRS, Euphoria and USSR have advanced to play in the Semi-Finals. The first Semi-Finals stream was debuted between D2R Mystic and ScionRS which you can watch below. Continue reading

Forward Assault: Battles of Glory – The Championship

We now enter another exciting phase of the Battles of Glory Tournament, The Championship. We have selected 12 teams to participate in it and this time the competition has become even more fierce. There are 4 groups, each group consists of 3 teams. In this Group Stage, all 3 teams will battle each other and based on Wins earned, the dominant team will advance to the Semi-Finals. The Championship will officially begin on January 27th, 2019. Continue reading

G FUEL Sale – Get 40% Off Your Purchase (Expires December 24th)!

We just received a 40% G FUEL Discount Code from Gamma Labs and we are happy to share it with you if you still didn’t get the chance to try the popular energy drink. From December 20th until December 24th, using the code ”EsportsMobile40” will get you 40% off your entire purchase at! Note that this discount will be for a limited time. Continue reading

Forward Assault: The G FUEL Competition – Launches December 20th

We have an annual tradition where every year we host an official G FUEL Tournament that includes giveaways for the viewers and G FUEL Prizes for the winners. In partnership with Gamma Labs, we are organising the Forward Assault G FUEL Competition this Thursday with 8 talented teams selected to participate. This time, our game of choice is Forward Assault, a mobile fast-paced first person shooter that was developed by our partners at Blayze Games. Continue reading