Critical Ops Tournament – By DN Network & CFE Company

Although it was recently released, Critical Ops has already inspired mobile gamers of a future with eSports gaming due to its tactical warfare & intense action. In partnership with Critical Force Entertainment, we decided to make your dreams into a reality and host the biggest FPS tournament to ever take place on the mobile platform. You will find the necessary details and tournament registration link below.


  • Starts February 14th


  • 3vs3 Matches
  • 24 Rounds
  • No Banned Weapons
  • NA Server
  • K.O. System
  • 64 Teams Selected


Once all teams have signed up, we will announce the match ups. If we have 64 mobile teams then we will have the tournament mobile teams only, but if we don’t reach the limit then we will include PC teams. Furthermore, matches will be organized by the teams within a certain time limit (1 week). A spectator will join each match to make sure the game was fair and to confirm a victory. Teams will battle their way up, until the last 16 teams remain. The final 16 matches will be organized by us and set based on specific times so that they can be recorded. The last 8 teams will go against each other while live-streamed.

We will assist in all the issues related to setting up a match. Teams that cannot play within the 1 week limit are disqualified.

We will not tolerate any type of disrespect or cheating. If you feel offended by other participants or suspect them of cheating, you may report them with proof to

Players or teams caught breaking the rules will be disqualified and might be banned from future tournaments hosted by The DN Network.

You may play with 1 or 2 players in one team if other team members are not able to play or get disconnected. Leaving the match is allowed. However, once all players of one team have left the match, it is considered a forfeit. The use of Aim Assist is optional and is based on the player’s preference. But remember, you are not allowed to play for a team if your name is not included in the team member list. However, a team can register substitute players in the application in case one main player doesn’t show up. In the event that both teams end up in a tie, the teams will go against each other again in order to decide the winning team.


The winners (top 3 teams) of the tournament will be covered and promoted on The Mobile Chronicles Magazine.

Each player from the 1st ranked (winning) team will receive the following prizes:

Each player from the 2nd ranked team will receive the following prizes:

Each player from the 3rd ranked team will receive the following prizes:

Each player from the top 8 teams will receive the following prizes:


To register your team for the Critical Ops Tournament, click here to be directed to the application. Be sure to answer all the question correctly so that your team can be eligible.

If the above link doesn’t work, you can simply visit >

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