The Phoenix Tournament: Team Spotlight – Round 1

Now that we started Round 2, we wanted to take a look at Round 1 and give you a better perspective on what actually happened. Although you may be aware of some of the teams, we have seen it all. Every single match that took place was viewed by us, so we wanted to provide a unique perspective on some of the top teams in Round 1. Some victories were easy and others were absolutely destructive. In today’s post, you will learn of the teams that you should be prepared to face because they are not here to play, but to win. Strategy is important and this is your time to adapt and develop for the next round.

Team Spotlight

In the ”SxC Spartans vs Galaxy” match, SxC Spartans had an impressive offensive/defensive strategy that truly dominated throughout the game. Led by SxC Jok3r, this team stands as one of the strongest SxC teams in this tournament. The next opponent would be smart to face them with a practical strategy and a strong will.

During the ”Demolish vs DetroxDE” match, we noticed that Demolish had a deeper talent than simple opponent elimination. No, this team plays with a whole different style than you might know. Being one of the Outlaws team, the team consists of talented individuals such as oL Angel. It would be best to avoid his line of sight because he knows very well how to scope you.

”Devl Punishers vs One Team One Dream” was an interesting match to spectate, mostly because Devl has been known to be a sniping team only. Yet their assault skills shined brightly during their first match and they delivered an incredible defeat to their opponent.

Another team that made a quiet entrance is DFR which were assigned to play vs AzA Clan. Being one of the best Russian teams for the Modern Combat series, they should be a formidable opponent to beware. We haven’t heard much about them in Critical Ops, so they might have been practicing in the shadows to come and take over The Phoenix Tournament.

The name of Ardent is no stranger to the Vainglory players. Ardent Boom Shaka Laka is a team that has proven itself among the elite clans in the Vainglory competitive field. Yet their interest for the FPS tournaments is gradually growing and so is their willingness to become a finalist.

P2W is a new name but is composed of some of the best players in the community. Their players are truly to be feared. The first match they were noticed in was in ”P2W vs G3tz.” Their team is largely made up of SxC and DN members. Some of the names that you might recognize are illshotz, Haxor, Plato, Tempy, and JRB. Their next opponent would do well to be prepared.

One of the most intense matches that we privately spectated was the ”SxC Sentinel vs Kings Supremacy.” Now that we know what we have seen, its insane how it all went down. Both teams were neck and neck in this match, until the end. Both were powerful teams but Kings Supremacy proved to be the ultimate team of the two. The victory was the result of a Cheerio & Akjon cooperation which proved very effective throughout the match. Kings Supremacy is a team that should concern the next opponent.

Of course, this is not the only Kings team to worry about. There is Kings Vendetta, the team that won the championship in the Fireteams Tournament. With talented players such as Smiley, Legacy, Kuba, Inferno & Lon3star; opponents will face a hard time putting a fight against this team, let alone win it. And then there is App Universe, who is quite a talent when using the sniper. He will prove to be a fatal player on the Canals map because this is a map designed for snipers.

Lastly, we have seen a new power rising with a new team called Darkest Throne. Composed of the most competitive Kings & DN members, this team is already proving to be a fitting rival to the Vendetta team. With the fierce Abz & the merciless Gunfight, Darkest Throne seems to be a team that is best to take caution against.

We have shared with you some of the toughest teams that we have seen in Round 1 so that you may be more prepared against your opponents in Round 2. We would not write about these teams had they not caught our attention, so if you are aiming to win The Phoenix Tournament, you will have to start devising a strategy that can work against these titans that were mentioned. We wish you good luck in Round 2 and we have provided for you videos of the Round 1 livestream below.

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