The Phoenix Tournament – Round 2 Roadmap

A very long week has finally passed and tomorrow we begin Round 2. It was a glorious week for some and unfortunate for others. There are still a few matches that we are trying to conclude but have we also selected the matches that we expect to take place on Saturday at 10AM Pacific Time. Remember that we will be streaming live at, so be sure to join us. Below, we will provide some of the teams that should be available on Bindle before 10AM Pacific Time so that we may choose some of them to play on stream.

  1. SxC Chata vs Signature.Jynx
  2. Nerds In Arms vs Betrayers Godz
  3. Toxic Sights vs Demolish
  4. Team Fatal vs Savage Gaming
  5. Kings Vendetta vs RFL
  6. Team Ace vs Apex
  7. Diamond Clan vs Team vX
  8. Team LSR vs Darkest City
  9. SxC Baguette vs DomeShot
  10. Devl Punishers vs LOG
  11. Diabolic vs HNR Phoenix

We kindly ask that the above teams be available to play because we expect to have matches ready in order to keep the stream properly progressing. The teams that do show up and are available to play their match will secure a place in our next tournament. At the moment, we believe that we will stream 4 matches but this number may vary depending on circumstances.

Round 2 will start Saturday 10AM and ends on Friday, May 13th. So it is vital that you play your games within the appointed time frame. If you have any problem contacting your opponent, then ask a moderator for help via the Mobile eSports Bindle Chat or Twitter. We wish you good luck for Round 2!

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