Clash Royale: The Tactical Tournament – Register Now!

Yes, you read that correctly! A Clash Royale Tournament is in the making, ladies and gentlemen. The new tournament will be held this upcoming July and it will be called the Tactical Tournament. We noticed a great amount of players that couldn’t find a team for previous tournaments, so we wanted to include individual players into our tournaments and give them the opportunity to enjoy the competitive experience and win prizes as well. You can find the registration link at the bottom of the page but first let’s discuss the format for the Tactical Tournament, shall we?


  • Starts July (TBD)


  • 1vs1 Matches
  • All Cards Allowed
  • 1 Banned Card Rule Starting Round 4+
  • Registered Decks
  • iOS & Android
  • Round 1 up to 3: Best of 3
  • Round 4 & above: Best of 5


We will announce the match ups once we have selected the players. Before tournament starts, we will provide two clans in Clash Royale. You will be informed which clan you have to join. Please note that you have to stay in the clan as long as you are participating in the tournament. In round 1, we will select matches to be streamed, while the other matches are played off-stream. The off-streamed matches have to be played within 5 days. A moderator must be contacted to either spectate or watch the replay of the matches. In case we cannot watch the replay and no moderator was spectating the matches, they will not be counted and you will have to play again. Players will be informed about their opponent, so they can contact each other to agree on a time for their match. For communication, either the in-game chat or the Bindle chat #Mobileesports can be used.

Once you have made an agreement with your opponent, take a screenshot, in case they do not show up to the agreed time. Not showing up to agreed times may result in disqualification, so think twice before agreeing to a time. All players have to use one of the deck they registered in their application in round 1 up to 3, it is important that you remember which decks you have registered. One player requests the first match, the other player requests the second match. In case of a third match, the player that gained most crowns in the first and second match can decide who requests the third match. If both players have the same amount of crowns, the player that won the first match can decide who requests the third match.
Once the Tactical Tournament reaches round 4, all following matches will undergo the Best of 5 rule. All matches from round 4 and beyond will be streamed. We will  not make any exceptions to this rule anymore; not being able to play on streams will result in being forced to forfeit the match. Also, players no longer have to use the decks they registered in their application. In round 4 and beyond, each player can ban 1 card from the opponent’s deck. The player that gets to ban first is chosen randomly. The second player cannot ban the same card as the first player. After both players have banned a card for one another, they can create their deck in form of a list, and not in the game yet. This list must be sent to a moderator privately on Bindle Chat. After the list is sent, both players can create their deck in the game. One player is randomly selected to request all matches.

Please read these rules before you send your application and make sure you meet the requirements to participate:

  1. You may only use the decks that you have registered in your application. Using different cards results in forfeiting the match.
  2. The username may not be changed as long as you are participating in the tournament. It is not allowed to use third party applications, or modify the game data in any way that gives you an unfair advantage.
  3. The language used for communication is English.
  4. All participants agree that their match may be recorded and/or streamed.
  5. Official Matches may only be recorded or streamed by MOBILE ESPORTS staff.
  6. After two players have agreed on a match, they have to inform a moderator about the time. To confirm victory of a match, a moderator has to either spectate a match, or watch the replay.
  7. All participants have to be respectful to each other and to the MOBILE ESPORTS team.
  8. We reserve the right to edit the rules at any time, and disqualify players for reasons not stated in this list.
  9. All players have to join the Bindle Chat #Mobileesports for communication between players and the MOBILE ESPORTS team.
  10. If your match has been selected to be streamed, you have to make sure that you are able to play at the given time. If you are unable to play, please make sure to inform the MOBILE ESPORTS team as soon as possible. You may be required to state the reason for not being able to play. Please note that we may decline your request to postpone the match.
  11. As long as you are participating in the tournament, you are required to stay in the provided clan. Practice matches, as well as requesting cards are allowed.
  12. Always follow the instructions of the MOBILE ESPORTS team.
  13. If two players did not play their match in the given time limit, one or both players are disqualified.
  14. It is your responsibility to make sure your connection is stable to play, disconnecting or having connection issues will not halt the match. In case of the Clash Royale servers being the cause of unstable connections, the tournament administration may decide to postpone the match.
  15. Offensive names may result in an invalid application.
  16. Sending more than one application does not increase your chances in being selected for the tournament.

A date for the tournament will be specified at a later time and prizes will be updated on the Prizes Page soon. We will have more articles added on our website to advice you and provide guidance for the upcoming tournament. Be sure to download Bindle and join our chat room by searching #Mobileesports. We will contact the players and discuss the tournament on our Bindle chat. Remember that all streamed matches will be livestreamed at our Mobcrush channel which you can visit by clicking here or by searching Mobile_eSports on Mobcrush.

For any questions, you can contact us via Email at, message us on Facebook at, or reach us through Twitter at

Finally, to apply for the tournament, click here and fill out the form or visit


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