The NA Qualifier: Team Spotlight – Kings Redemption

You are not a stranger to today’s featured team, yet there’s more about them than what you might have known. Kings started as a clan during the time of Modern Combat 4. Kings itself was founded by ZFS and later led by other leaders such as Abz and Kuba. Currently, it is under the leadership of Legacy and their team, Kings Redemption, aims to become the champion of the NA Qualifier.

Redemption is a compilation of talent, skill, and strategy. With players extremely passionate about the game, their chances to win are very high, especially after considering the fact that there are 4 teams left to play in the Semi-Finals. The Redemption Team consists of players that have been playing together every day for a very long time, so you can expect consistency to be their strongest feature.

Will Kings Redemption become the champion of this qualifier or will they be dethroned? They are definitely facing powerful opponents and we can expect the matches to be unpredictable, to say the least. Regardless of which team wins, we know that the opponents of the Redemption Team will struggle ceaselessly to secure a victory.

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