Critical Ops: Team Deathmatch – Teams Announced

Today we announce the 32 teams that believe they have the skills and synchrony to become the champions of the Team Deathmatch Tournament. If your team was not selected then please understand that we received over 700 applications and we could only choose 32. We do our best to choose known teams and new teams alike in order to keep our tournaments competitive yet interesting.

If your team is listed in the bracket below then please be sure to join our Discord Chat so that you can get in touch with your opponent for Round 1. We will also send more details to the teams via the email addresses they provided during their application. Finally, you can find the tournament settings and bracket below.

The Team DeathMatch Tournament Settings
  • Starting May 15th
  • 5vs5
  • 32 Teams Accepted
  • All Maps
  • Team Deathmatch
  • $350 Prize & 250 Cases To Winning Team

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