The EU Qualifier – Semi & Finals Roadmap

As we approach the end of the EU Qualifier, we wanted to make it more interesting. There will be 5 teams that will fight for glory and for the championship title. You can join us live at 10 AM Pacific Time on Saturday, 28th of January, to see for yourselves the crowning of the champions of Europe. To watch the livestream, be sure to join us at our Mobcrush Channel. For now, let’s take a look at the teams that will be playing.

The first match will mark the end of the Quarter-Finals and the winner will advance to the Semi-Finals. The second and third matches will define the Finalists for the EU Qualifier. You can click on the name of the team to learn more about them. The matches will go as follows:

  1. ConfidCZ vs Team Phoenix (Quarter-Finals)
  2. Winner of Match 1 vs DC Legends (Semi-Finals)
  3. Hammers Uprising vs Team Warriors (Semi-Finals)
  4. Winner of Match 2 vs Winner of Match 3 (Finals)

Some of these teams have been featured on our website and you can learn more about them by clicking on their names. In the stream, we will also reveal the 64 teams that have been selected for the Asian Qualifier. Remember to bring popcorn with you tomorrow because there will be epic matches going on. Finally, if you support any of the teams listed, then you can cast your vote down below.

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